Skarp Laser Razor in development


California Startup SKARP Technologies campaign was successfully funded on crowd funding site indiegogo, leading to the development of the worlds first Laser Razor.

The SKARP Razor is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave. It offers a shaving experience free of irritation, razor burn, cuts & ingrown hairs.

Co-Founded by Morgan Gustavsson MBBS, & Paul Binun. Morgan Gustavsson has been working in the medical & cosmetic laser industry for three decades, creating and pioneering IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) in 1989, which is still a preferred method of hair removal & dermatology treatments to this day.

Morgan had the idea for a Laser razor in 2001. However the laser technology at the time was not available. He soon realized that his idea was a little ahead of its time.

He spent the next decade investigating & made a breakthrough in 2009. 

Wavelengths of light had already been discovered that could cut through dark hair, but finding a way to cut light hair was proving incredibly difficult.

After years of research & development, Morgan & Paul discovered a chromophore in the hair that would be cut when hit with a particular light wavelength.

Chromophores are particles that absorb certain wavelengths (colors) of light.

This chromophore they identified is shared by every human, regardless of age, gender or race.



  • Oliver Pearce-Owen, CIO
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